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Swimming with a dolphin:

Dear friends, we have been working for a dream of yours to come true – live contact with a dolphin! More about this...


Welcome Tuesday to Sunday, at 12:00 p.m.; and 3:30 p.m.

   The dolphins and their coaches present the unique Dolphin show. You will see the incredible sporting and acrobatic skills of our inmates. Height jumps for which we, humans, can only dream. Double somersault, triple axel. You will see how dolphins rescue people in water. Dolphins will sing to you. They will rock-and-roll and waltz. As for the team sports… we can only crave after their achievements. Such volleyball plunges, unbelievable basketball stabs! And let’s not forget the game with the public, either: King Football! Their joyous performance will take your breath away. A thing which is good to know in advance: dolphins adore applause! It is their major prize.

   “They are fun; their intellect is closer to that of humans than of animals. They have excellent contact with both audience and coaches. They enjoy applause and value it as much as humans do. We, from Festa Dolphinarium are also engaged with the protection of the Black Sea dolphins. Our mission is to cure injured marine mammals and return them in the sea,” says Mrs. Nikolova, manager of Festa Dolphinarium.

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